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"I had no idea how the various auctions would work, but they did. The auctioneer was outstanding. He was personable, funny, and energetic. I have been at live auctions before. They were formal and stuffy. This one was NOT."

Kristin Kroesche

"I had never been to a live auction before, and was unsure as to what it would be like. When I sat down at Compassion Childcare's charity auction, I didn't realize I would laugh, be entertained, and thoroughly enjoy the process so much. If only spending money could always be that fun! Jonathan moved the auction along at a great pace, had incredibly infectious energy, and not only led a great auction; let us all enjoy the experience as well. They were organized, effective and thorough. I would highly recommend Larsen and Larsen services!"

Dr. Jill Termaat

"It was so much fun everyone was laughing and having a great time. It was my first live auction and he made me feel like I was winning by bidding! He had the whole audience into it. We exceeded our goal by $10,000."

Dawson Muska

"Jonathan was with us from the beginning and helped us plan out our event from beginning to end. He had people engaged and interacting with him during the live auction. I would definitely recommend using Jonathan for your fundraising event."

Tracy Pardy

"If you are looking to raise money for your charity, the best thing you could do is sign a contract with Larsen & Larsen Auction Company" "We went from $40,000.00 Net to $100,000.00 net in one Year!"

Jackie Knowlton

"We were so very pleased. He's a natural and has awesome troubleshooting skills. We were very short staffed and he stepped in where needed above and beyond our need for the live auction. I highly recommend him. I must admit, he saved the day for us."

Korena Keys

"We are making more money using Jonathan as our consultant and auctioneer, than any other auctioneer we have used in the past. He brings a lot of enthusiasm and excitement to the event."

Megan Colwell

"Jonathan was able to take our live auction from crickets chirping in previous years, to breaking records for our organization. We will definitely use him again and again."

Kara Semmler

"Jonathan kept the show running even after the sound system failed! Jonathan worked to understand our needs, our audience and goals. I recommend you use Jonathan for your next event as he will help you accomplish your event goals while he entertains your audience."

Micah Grimm

"I’ve attended events where Larsen & Larsen is involved , and several where they are not…the difference is staggering. Jonathan and Rachel have exhaustive experience in growing event revenues. Through creativity, humor, organization, and passion, I’ve personally watched this auction company double and triple proceeds for non-profits year over year. If you desire more for your event, hire Larsen & Larsen Auction Co.- allow them to consult with you and incorporate proven techniques that will produce greater enjoyment and generosity from your attendees!"

 Open Door Mission's AuctionCompassion Childcare Benefit AuctionJonathan Larsen, BASOpen Door Mission's AuctionCompassion Childcare Benefit AuctionJonathan Larsen, BASOpen Door Mission's Auction

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