Meet Jonathan

Jonathan R. Larsen, PRI

Johnathan Larsen, PRIJonathan Larsen is the President and CEO of Larsen & Larsen Auction Company which specializes in fundraising auctions as well as premier consulting services for non-profit clients. Jonathan helps exceed fundraising goals, while offering a wide variety of practical strategies for revenue enhancement.

Jonathan has worked with organizations all over the country helping them achieve their financial goals. He also holds educational seminars to help organizations plan their events.

Jonathan attended the Professional Ringman Institute in San Jose, CA and Received his PRI designation as Professional Ring Man.
Jonathan was awarded the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) designation from the National Auctioneers Association . It is a 3-year course and the highest designation an auctioneer can receive. He was awarded the honorary title of Colonel from the Missouri Auction School.

Jonathan is a member of the South Dakota and Nebraska Auctioneers Associations. He hosts an event with great professionalism, wit and charm, and he has an amazing talent for drawing a crowd into aprogram while keeping a continual flow of excitement.

Jonathan resides in Sioux Falls, with his wife Rachel and fourchildren, Phoebe, Elliott,Amelia, &Everett.

About Larsen & Larsen Auction Company

Rachel LarsenLarsen & Larsen Auction Company specializes in working with non-profit organizations to help them raise more money with our proven strategies and premier consulting plans so they can continue to save and impact more lives.

Non-profit organizations are always competing for funding. That means we need to work with you to keep your donors focused on your organization.

Auction attendees are also getting younger. With social media and busy lifestyles, they have shorter attention spans and are looking to be entertained. Gone are the days an auctioneer can just get up and sell items to the highest bidder. This new generation of donors is looking for more. They want to be part of a giving experience that all of their friends will be talking about and that they can post on social media.

Larsen & Larsen Auction Company not only understands this need, but also creates our events to cater to it. We pride ourselves on entertaining your audience, helping you raise the most possible money, and retaining and engaging new donors. You may have 1,000 people in your audience, but only 30 active bidders during your live auction. The other 970 attendees still want to be entertained and part of the action. We make sure the whole audience is included in the fun!

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